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Which Curly Hair-Cutting Method Is Right For You?

All curls are not one size fits all. Deciding on which technique you should have depends on your curls.

Deva Cut

A Dry Cutting Technique done on dry curly hair, never texturizing or thinning the hair because slicing into the interior of a curly haircut has the potential to create frizz. By cutting the hair dry, in its natural state, stylists are able to cut the curls where they live naturally, and thus create a beautiful shape.

Curl pattern and density are analysed to determine where on the head to begin elevating and creating layers.

Rëzo Cut

Whilst the DevaCut focusses on framing your face, the RezoCut maintains an even length all the way around your head. It liberates the curls from the root area so they can move about freely which means if you straighten a DevaCut, your hair may appear to be uneven, while the RezoCut will look even in both a curly and straightened state. The RezoCut is perfect for curlies who love their length, as it creates a shape while maintaining both length and volume.

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