My Curly Hair Routine

What’s your curl type?

Curl Type 1 is the absence of curls (straight), from fine and fragile to coarse and thick, but is resistant to curl.

Curl Type 2 is classified as wavy. It isn’t overly oily or dry thus allowing for many different styling options. It reflects shine well, is very resilient but it is most prone to frizz.

  • Type 2A hair is fine and thin.. think Naomi Watts & Cate Blanchett
  • Type 2B hair has waves that tend to adhere to the shape of your head…. think Carrie Underwood
  • Type 2C hair is fairly coarse and frizzes easily…. think the gorgeous Salma Hayek.

Curl Type 3 is spiral curls and either an “s” or “z” pattern, or some variation in between. It is prone to tangles, breakage, dryness and frizz.

  • Type 3A hair is very shiny and loose … think Nicole Kidman
  • Type 3B hair has a medium amount of curls, ranging from bouncy ringlets to tight corkscrews…. think Bernadette Peters.

Curl Type 4 is “kinky” or tightly coiled hair, most commonly found in African American hair . Whilst it appears coarse and strong, it is actually the most fragile of all hair curl types. The wiry strands may have a zigzag pattern or show no pattern at all. It is extremely dry, requiring constant protection and hydration.

  • Type 4A hair is full of tight coils, forming an “S” pattern when stretched… think Macy Gray
  • Type 4B hair has a less-defined pattern of curls, and looks more like a “Z” as the hair bends with very sharp angles…. think Solange Knowles)
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