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Jessicurl Curly Hair Essentials

Essential for keeping your curls gorgeous is a microfibre towel and sleeping on silk satin.

The super-absorbent fabric of the microfibre towel helps your hair dry faster without causing frizz like terrycloth can. If you have no idea what the heck "plunking" is, check out our plunking video to learn all about this great technique for forming bouncy, springy curls.

Sleeping on Silk Satin instead of cotton is vital for maintaining lovely curls. Silk Satin doesn't suck the moisture like cotton.... and the added benefit is that your skin will benefit as well!

Styling products should be applied when the hair is wet. Squeeze out excess with your microfibre towel.

Most importantly, DO NOT TOUCH THE CURLS until your hair is completely dry. Then scrunch it out. Voila! Soft defined curls. Gorgeous!