Jessicurl Curly Hair Collections

Finer curls have a tendency to get weighed down by certain products, but the JESSICURL Light & Luminous collection will ensure that doesn’t happen to you! Six different products best suited for finer curls that get weighed down easily. It includes a step-by-step instructional insert with tons of tips and techniques to help you get fabulous curl enhancement and definition.

Jessicurl Light and Luminous is available in 59ml (travel size) as well as 237ml.

The JESSICURL Rich and Radiant collection is best suited for thicker, drier hair that is looking for curl enhancement and moisture. From cleansing to conditioning to styling, this collection will give your thick curls all the moisture and bounciness they can handle. A handy step-by-step instructional insert is included to help you figure out the best techniques for frizz free curls.

Jessicurl Rich and Radiant is available in 59ml (travel size) as well as 237ml.

JESSICURL CONFIDENCE COLLECTION is a collection for coarse kinky hair.