Curly Care Centre

Learning about and caring for your curls can be frustrating and overwhelming. The Jessicurl Curly Care Center has everything you need to know to learn about your own personal hair type and which Jessicurl products will work best for you. Here you will also find tips for each of our products, instructions on how to use them and styling techniques that will ensure frizz free, bouncy curls every day.

What type of curls do I have?

Type 2 hair is your waves. Some might only have a slight zig zag in their strands while others may have large and loose curls. 

Type 3 are more defined curls. They’re still fairly loose, but they can still cause problems if you aren’t careful. There’s also subtype 3C which is a curl type that falls between types 3 and 4. You can check all about it here!

Type 4 is the tightest curls of all! They are small corkscrews that add up to a lot of hair quickly!

How do I use Jessicurl products? Here you’ll find step by step instructions for using each of our three collections. Now that you know which collection is right for you, following the steps is easy!

Step by Step instructions for Jessicurl Light and Luminous Collection

Instructions for the Jessicurl Rich and Radiant Collection

Instructions for Jessicurl Confidence Collection

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