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Best by dates

Jessicurl formulations and processes used to manufacture all items have not changed since mid 2016 when several items were switched to the new preservative system. Nothing has changed since then.

All batches are tested in the Jessicurl on-site lab for microbial levels as well as for colour, odour, appearance, viscosity, and pH.

All formulas have been tested by a third party lab on a number of occasions for safety but also for stability and preservative efficacy.

Jessicurl has chosen to keep the formulas as “clean” as possible which means minimal use of stabilizers and preservatives.

Third party testing results show the period after opening as 12 months which translates to a useful life of at least 42 months on Jessicurl products.

However for best results customers are encouraged to buy in sizes that allow them to use up product reasonably quickly rather than buying larger sizes that will last for months.

Store the unused items in a cool, dry environment, away from moisture and light (eg under the sink cabinet in the bathroom) to discourage bacterial and yeast and mould growth.

Jessicurl’s Australian Distributor receives monthly shipments to ensure a steady supply of fresh stock.  Should you have an issue with any product please email us the name, size and fragrance  of the product along with the batch number which is in black on the base of the bottle.

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