• My Curly Hair Routine

    What’s your curl type?

    Curl Type 1 is the absence of curls (straight), from fine and fragile to coarse and thick, but is resistant to curl. Curl Type 2 is classified as wavy. It isn’t overly oily or dry thus allowing for many different styling options. It reflects shine well, is very resilient but it is most prone to frizz. Curl Type 3 is spiral curls and either an “s” or “z” pattern, or some variation in between. It is prone to tangles, breakage, dryness and frizz. Curl Type 4 is “kinky” or tightly coiled hair, most commonly found in African American hair . Whilst it appears coarse and strong, it is actually the most fragile of all…

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  • My Curly Hair Routine

    How to leave a hairdresser feeling like a million bucks

    One of the first questions a hairdresser should ask is how much of your hair you want to keep. He/she should show you anything that needs attention—like uneven pieces or damaged ends. Explain what is wrong and give you options on how to make it look even and better. When you see another curly with pretty and healthy hair ask them the name of their stylist. That’s usually the best referral system. Team up with your hairstylist to examine your hair so you both understand the real condition of your curls and ask them for suggestions on how to fix your issues. If the salons Facebook or Instagram page doesn’t…

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    My Curly Hair Routine

    Curly hair is not a trend, it’s a lifestyle

    CURL CONFESSION Sophie (age 14) When my wavy hair turned really curly in sixth and seventh grade, I started straightening it—a task that was totally exhausting. At 11 P.M., after studying and homework, I’d spend an hour and a half blowing it dry and flat-ironing it. Then I’d get into bed and try to sleep carefully so I wouldn’t mess up my hard work. By morning, a few curls had escaped so I’d spend more time trying to iron them out. One day, a friend asked me why I straightened my hair. When I told her it was because a boy I had a crush on said he liked it…

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    My Curly Hair Routine

    Ayesha’s curls are to die for… what’s her best advice?

    What piece of advice would you give to a wavy who’s just starting out in their curly hair journey and feels frustrated? PATIENCE. My hair did not look like this overnight. It took almost a decade to reach this length and bounce. I’ve had friends who would go out and buy a brand’s entire line, get excited, and then give up after a month of trying. It doesn’t work like that. It’s like fitness – you don’t expect to reach your body goals after one session at the gym. It takes time and dedication.

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    My Curly Hair Routine

    The long and short of great curls

    For long hair – Curly looks best when it’s shoulder length or longer and with a few layers cut in to keep it from looking bottom-heavy or boxy….. you know, the helmet head look!    Ask for layers that start at your chin and angle down, all around your head. But if you like short hair then the most flattering cut is 50 to 75mm of length all over and always make sure to have it cut to mimic the shape of your head.  A big fat NO to razor cuts as they can rough up the cuticle and exacerbate frizz.Shampoo as infrequently as possible: every other day if your hair…

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  • My Curly Hair Routine

    How much product should you use

    Hi Jess, My hair is 3a-3b — straighter/wavy and frizz-prone on top layer and curlier underneath. My hair is about medium thickness.  When dry, my length varies from mid-neck and mid-ear level. I have been using about 4-5 quarter-size puddles of the CCSS with RR lately. I usually put RR on to cover all of my hair (4-5 quarter size puddles of RR, too), to the point that it feels smooth when wet. Perhaps I need to cut back on the CCSS? It distributes easier than it looks like it will, so maybe I have been using too much…? Answer: Yep, it sounds to me like you’re using WAY too much of…

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    My Curly Hair Routine

    My Curly Hair routine

    Hi I’m Jess: People ask me all the time to tell them exactly what I do to my hair to make it look “so perfect all the time.” I might disagree that it looks perfect ALL the time, but I’m happy to share my routine just the same. 🙂 A few times a week I put in a dime sized puddle of Oil Blend For Softer Hair and leave it in overnight and once a week I use my Deep Conditioning Treatment to provide extra moisture. I get little trims every 3-4 months to take care of any dead ends and re-shape it. If I don’t, my hair turns triangular pretty fast.…