The long and short of great curls

For long hair – Curly looks best when it’s shoulder length or longer and with a few layers cut in to keep it from looking bottom-heavy or boxy….. you know, the helmet head look!    Ask for layers that start at your chin and angle down, all around your head. But if you like short […]


How much product should you use

Hi Jess, My hair is 3a-3b — straighter/wavy and frizz-prone on top layer and curlier underneath. My hair is about medium thickness.  When dry, my length varies from mid-neck and mid-ear level. I have been using about 4-5 quarter-size puddles of the CCSS with RR lately. I usually put RR on to cover all of my […]


My Curly Hair routine

Hi I’m Jess: People ask me all the time to tell them exactly what I do to my hair to make it look “so perfect all the time.” I might disagree that it looks perfect ALL the time, but I’m happy to share my routine just the same. 🙂 A few times a week I […]